the designer
1. Dog Lover: Wants a Shiba Inu
2. Boba Drinker: Catch me at Sunright and Tea Top
3. Board Game Enthusiast: Sushi Go, Betrayal, and More
4. Movie Watcher: Also Too Much Netflix and Kdramas
5. Former 4th Grade Teacher: But Forever an Educator
6. World Traveler: 14 Countries and Counting
Kristina Wang is an empathetic designer, effective communicator, and solution-orientated innovator. She approaches all projects with the mindset and enthusiasm of a lifelong learner.

She is currently working as a Senior Product Designer at Reputation, helping businesses leverage feedback data into insights that they can use to learn and grow from. Her passion for teaching has also inspired her to work as a group critique facilitator at Designlab. In her spare time, she is also volunteering as a community lead and events coordinator for UX of EdTech, an online community that helps UX practitioners who work on products and services that support learning. 

Her future goals include working in EdTech, mentoring other designers, and giving design talks.

When she’s not looking at screens, she’s daydreaming about adopting a dog, traveling the world, and good food.
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